Drinking and driving on the playa

Things to know about camping in the Black Rock Desert

Drinking and driving on the playa

Postby barraco_barner » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:31 pm

now, I don't know anyone who drives on the playa after having a beer.

on the off chance you do, i received this interesting tidbit of information from a lawyer's newsletter:

In Nevada, prosecutors have two opportunities to prove someone is driving under the influence of alcohol. One such way is referred to as "Illegal Per Se," which means they prove someone's blood alcohol content (BAC) was over a .08 at the time he/she was in actual physical control of the vehicle. They prove this by taking a blood or a breath test.

TIP: A blood or breath test can be kept out of evidence if it was taken more than 2 hours after the traffic stop. You do have the right to refuse both, in which case the officer will have to get a telephonic warrant to take a blood sample. Sometimes they can still do this within the allotted 2 hours. Other times, it results in the prosecution losing key evidence in the case.
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