Beware of frogbats!

Things to know about camping in the Black Rock Desert

Beware of frogbats!

Postby mosin_nagant » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:13 am

Most deserts have scorpions to worry about, but the Black Rock Desert is also home to a far more dangerous creature, the frogbat. When small, frogbats are not much of a threat, mostly eating bugs and small rodents. As they mature they present more of a danger, capable of tackling coyotes and the local bighorn sheep, and often domestic pets that stray in the dark. Once fully grown an adult male frogbat can be a vicious animal and should be avoided. The same precautions apply as for bear country: be vigilant, make sure you don't accidentally creep up on a frogbat, don't get between a mother and her young, back away from an encounter if possible -- don't turn your back. As long as you are paying attention you'll be fine, although frogbats have occasionaly eaten hippies who were too stoned to be aware of their surroundings, or who, in a bong-fueled haze, attempted to befriend a hungry frogbat. After eating too many careless hippies and other bon vivants an emboldened frogbat may start approaching groups of normal people and will even tear its way into homes. At this stage, a posse is normally formed to hunt down the creature.

An annual frogbat hunt has been held for many years, organized by the Cult of the Frogbat, but was last held in 2013. Each year the group would trap a frogbat, releasing it for the assembled hunters on July 4th. The event was canceled in 2014 after the horrifying discovery that the Cult of the Frogbat, in addition to trapping frogbats had illegally also caught hippies and fed them to the captured frogbats prior to the hunt. Details are scarce, but it seems the ringleaders have since gone on the run and the future of the annual frogbat hunt is now uncertain. Rumors abound that the cult plan to return next year to continue their gruesome practices. With the possible presence of cult members, the hippies and the frogbats themselves, it's probably wise to have access to large-caliber rifles when traveling in frogbat country.
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Re: Beware of frogbats!

Postby barraco_barner » Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:47 pm

i was out on the playa last year... it was the worst time.

Heavy rain, lightening storm and the playa was flooded. had to spend the night at bruno's, and around midnight some jackhole was lighting off a cake in the parking lot between the buildings.

finally got on the playa the next day; people i was camping with had some firepower so wasn't too worried about the frogbats getting to camp.

however, those crafty devils lay traps for the unwary. we were tooling around the playa, thinking about going to a hot springs, when BAM!

got caught in a big trench no doubt dug by some enterprising frogbats to catch some lunch. fortunately i was able nurse my car with the busted radiator to a place of sanctuary... the frog pond. lots of dirty hippies there, frogbats couldn't eat all of us!

after a few minutes, the annoying hippies overcame the fear of the frogbat, so we skedaddled outta there an went back to camp for a drink.
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Re: Beware of frogbats!

Postby Guest » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:43 pm

You're lucky you didn't actually see one. Terrifying creatures.

I was with a large group of people on a trip in 2013 when somebody suddenly yelled "Oh my God, its a fucking frogbat!". An indeed there it was, having snuck up on us quietly. Despite the shock, we managed to keep our heads and opened fire with heavy weaponry. We didn't stop shooting until the corpse started burning. It's the only way to be sure.

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