Shooting guns at 4th of juplaya? Firing range?

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Shooting guns at 4th of juplaya? Firing range?

Postby pix » Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:38 pm

What's the deal with guns at 4th of juplaya? Thinking of heading to the desert for the 4th. Heard there's a bunch of people with guns everywhere, or is it restricted to a firing range. Who organizes it? Will I end up driving all the way out there and be thinking, should of stayed at home.
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Re: Shooting guns at 4th of juplaya? Firing range?

Postby anonymous_coward » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:17 am

No special deal. Make sure you follow any federal and state regulations
(the playa and the shooting range are in Nevada) for transporting your
firearms and ammunition to Juplaya. The shooting range is across the
railroad tracks south (turn right) of the crossing and north of Frog Pond.
You might want to bring a small folding table, or at least a blanket, so
that when you put your firearm down during a cease-fire it's not on the
dirt. Any cease-fire (to walk into the shooting area to place targets, etc.)
is by common agreement of the shooters there. There is no lifeguard
at this pool.
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Re: Shooting guns at 4th of juplaya? Firing range?

Postby dustbunny » Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:47 pm

I'm not sure of the exact legality of shooting at the 'firing range' but I've never heard of anyone getting in trouble for doing so. General rule applies: don't be a douche and you're less likely to run into any kind of trouble. Good gun handling practices will help to avoid making any fellow shooters nervous. Politeness and communication go a long way in a civilized society. If you've never been to the range before, and there's nobody else there, it can be slightly hard to spot. Look for a small turnoff about 100-200 yards north of frog pond's entrance, on the opposite site of the road. The range is 50 yards in, visible from the road, looking a bit like a trash dump. General practice would be to shoot from the small raised ridge, towards the debris field.

Avoid shooting targets that somebody else has placed for their own use. This can be hard to spot but if anything looks new, or there's a set of soda cans standing upright, it means somebody took the trouble to put them there. Ask if in doubt.

If you want to place some targets downrange, get the affirmative agreement from everybody present for a ceasefire. Then get everyone to make all weapons safe, put them down and take a couple of steps back. If you can't get people to do this, it's probably best not to go downrange. It's no fun being downrange and seeing people holding weapons, wondering if they know about the ceasefire.
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